The True PSI test

If you didn’t do your job right, would you tell your boss?  Reports have come out about how refs rarely use a gauge to test the PSI of footballs.  Aaron Rodgers didn’t say that when he admitted he turned in overinflated footballs, (where was the uproar you deflategate frauds) but it has been widely reported that many refs jest use the feel test and Rodgers knew he would get his overinflated footballs into the game because the refs more likely than not, didn’t do their job properly and use a gauge to measure PSI. Here is a story for you crygaters to read.  I know you don’t like facts to get in the way of your whining but take a few minutes to read it and the crawl back into your self righteous hole!


Thanks to Dave Martin and his sources

One thing that has been reported this last week, as we’ve been learning about how footballs are treated before a game is that before every game, a referee measured with a pressure gauge each football to see if the pressure in each one is between 12.5 and 13.5 PSI.

But that apparently isn’t always the case. As a matter of fact, from what I’ve been told, many times the refs don’t test the pressure of each ball with a gauge at all. Sometimes refs hold the ball, squeeze it, briefly inspect it, then sign off on it. Next ball. It’s never been a problem before. This is apparently a well known fact in the NFL.

 Now according to my sources, The Patriots turned in their footballs to the ref at a pressure just below the allowable PSI.

If it’s a situation where the refs DID use a gauge, the refs would see the balls were under inflated, and inflate them to the proper size. But in this case, the balls were approved and given back to the Patriots under-inflated.

Thus, the under-inflated balls. The Patriots, according to my sources, played with league approved deflated balls.

None of you whiners got your panties in a bunch when Aaron Rodgers admitted to turning in overinflated balls to the refs.  He knows what every other QB knows, the refs never pressure test the balls and use the feel test.  Get over it crygaters! stop making  childish excuses for losing to the Patriot’s

Accepting defeat like a man and not a crygater

The Dolphins bought game tapes of the Patriots to study Tom Brady’s audibles before a MNF game in December, 2006. Zach Thomas admitted to knowing all Brady’s signals from the tape study.

Unlike crygaters, the team did not run to the league to investigate this. Even Brady, when asked about it, seemed more upset about his performance than the chance any signs or signals were stolen.

Said ESPN reporter John Clayton: “Teams are always trying to steal signs and signals off other teams. That’s just football.”

Of course as a Patriot hater, Clayton has forgotten he once said this

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT PATRIOT HATING TROLLS. Teams are always trying to steal signals yet you whiners always cry about spygate and act like your team didn’t do it when everybody was doing it.  That is why the Patriot’s took the loss like MEN and did not make excuses or go running to league claiming “integrity of the game” like so many of you hypocrites do even though the Dolphins admitted to using tapes to steal signals!!  Just think what you would be saying if the Patriot’s did what the Dolphins did!  All teams cheat CRYGATERS.