One of many lies told by the NFL

The NFL constantly lied through defaltegate but Crygaters still believe Goodell and the “independent” Ted Wells because jealousy has caused them to not listen to reason and facts

.  Try reading this story or watching the video haters or are you afraid you might learn something..


Jimmy Johnson and the Chiefs did this?

This can’t be true.  Only the patriots do this!

Its nothing crazy but interesting nevertheless. Here’s Jimmy Johnson talking about how the Patriot’s signal taping scandal was overblown.

“The only thing I can say is so many people made such a big to-do about it, and everybody – and I mean everybody – went to the edge on rules in one form or fashion,” Johnson said, reflecting on his coaching tenure with the Cowboys. “That’s just part of the game, that’s stealing the signals in baseball. This stuff has been going on for so long.

“When I came into the NFL, back in ’89, I talked to a Kansas City scout and he said, ‘Here’s what we do, we videotape the opposing team’s signals and then we synch it up with the game film.’ So I did it.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if over time by way of anecdotes like this that it comes to light that every team taped defensive signals. The Patriots scandal didn’t bother me one bit.