John Madden comments on how teams tape defensive signals

Patriot haters ignore the fact that Mike Shanahan hired lip readers to steal defensive signals and nobody cared.  Of course if the Patriot’s did this, you would be crying for them to be thrown out of the league.  Now here is a clip a John Madden talking about how teams tape defensive signals.  This can’t be true!  I’ve heard from so many childish and whiney Patriot haters say only the Patriot’s have ever done this.  Also, don’t forget it wasn’t until 2007 that the league put an end to this but that also doesn’t stop you from whining on endlessly about this.  Anyway, check out this brief clip and you won’t believe what you hear Crygaters!

SURPRISE, after this video being on youtube for several years, the NFL has it banned. I guess they want to keep alive that only the Patriot’s taped signals so jealous haters have something to whine about and continue to IGNORE THE REAL STORY that almost all teams did this.  Hate us cause you ain’t us trolls!


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