How Did the Colt’s Footballs get below the legal PSI?

Jealous trolls, Patriot haters and those that hate the team because they are always in the  AFC title game and so many Super Bowls, please answer this question!  The NFL leaked false information(Fact) about how deflated the Patriot footballs were when they railroaded the Patriot’s but the NFL also said that 3 of 4 footballs they tested of the Colt’s also tested below the legal PSI.  How did the Colt’s footballs get below the legal PSI TROLLS?  Why didn’t the league investigate this and penalize the Colt’s?  Is there anybody out there that believes the Patriot’s cheated that can ALSO explain how the Colt’s footballs got below the legal PSI???  NOBODY WILL ANSWER THIS QUESTION ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET OR IN THE MEDIA!  Why?   HMMM

I am sure none of the comments left will explain this and will be full of the typical TROLL  nonfactual comments!  I look forward to the first person to be able to explain this deflated phenomenon that only applies to the Patriot’s for some unknown reason (JEALOUSY)!





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